About Me


5 things about me you may or may not need to know

1) Born in Scarborough in 1973 at Scarborough general.

2) Played rugby for the Ontario Under 19 team.

3) Guitarist since age 13. Still a massive music fan. If there is a swap shop or guitar store anywhere on my daily routes, I will likely stop in. As a result of my exposure to soundproofing my own spaces, I have developed my skills over the years including consulting for a number of musicians, sound technicians and film score composers.

4) Bought my first property at age 24. This was 3 years before I became a realtor. My experience with the person I hired is a large part of why I decided to change how this process occurs from start to finish. I know how it feels when buying & selling and will always do my best to remove the fear you may have of embracing the unknown.

5) Joined my first gym at age 13. Worked in the fitness industry from age 16-26 as everything from trainer to sales to marketing coordinator. Last stop was Goodlife Fitness Clubs. Many of my active clients are fitness professionals, gym owners, doctors and others in this amazing industry.

Awards: Yes, I have earned lots of these over the years. Need to see them? Let me know. Aside from some internal applause, you won’t hear much about them here. My theory is there are so many fakes out there saying they are “Number 1”, it really just smells a lot like a “Number 2”.

Media: Here is where it’s tricky. You have likely never seen “me” on tv or heard “me” on the radio. If TV calls and ask me to discuss the market, I will ask a client if they want to be on tv. If a magazine calls and wants to profile a loft, I call a client who’s been good to me. I’ve been interviewed by the Canadian Press several times, Toronto Star, HGTV & syndicated by many other sites. Plenty of people in my biz love the camera or live to blog, not me. I like keeping this real & one on one.

Referral Network:This very important element of my “success plan” is something you may not hear much about from other realtors, but I know better. Over the years, I have built the most amazing connections with the best realtors in Canada, USA, Europe & Asia. The reason this is of critical importance is that when it comes time for you to relocate here OR for your property to be seen worldwide, the network I’ve built comes into play. Even though we may have met in 2013, you will instantly be plugged in to my network that has been a decade in the making.

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