Media Portfolio

Media Portfolio

Note: I don’t do media interviews very often as many are “doom” themed. As you can see below, I’m cautious with my media exposure vs being the “over opinionated” realtor who doesn’t success plan for his future.

March 2014: Seniors vulnerable to roofing scams in East York. Page 2.

August 2013: Featured on Real estate & Boston Terrier Rescue Canada

November 2012: Interviewed by renowned sales trainer, Jared James at the National Association of Realtors conference 2012

September 2012: How to bargain shop for U.S. real estate

July 2007: Modern home conversion in East York

My listings have also appeared on Big City Broker and Property Virgins (2x)

April 2004: Interviewed by AP about Tiny homes & condo living. Has much changed in 10 years?

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