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“As a new loft client reminded me recently…the “secret” that some (not all) Toronto loft owners share is that comparables don’t apply…..when your loft is one of a kind. It’s my job to ensure that your lofts are seen as “unique”. Don’t settle for just any realtor when buying or selling, choose Paul aka”

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As these spaces are from various real estate brokerages, I encourage all kinds of comments and constructive criticism when on tours with me but not as online comments. In fact, some of the ones that don’t look so good online may be the best deals of the week. Rest assured, I make sure you gain all the advantage in those cases.

Today’s Hot Lofts are updated daily to ensure you see the best spaces when they hit the screen. have combined the data from my database & the MLS/IDX system that offers listings from Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Remax and many other of the companies that have opted-in.

Check out my newest feature called “Sold Stories-Loft Edition”. Each loft owner has a story behind why they carefully chose that loft. If you plan to buy one with me, you should read these.


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PS You wouldn’t believe how often I see lofts listed as apartment condos. Amateurs not allowed when handling your largest asset.

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